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Favorite area of the city: The center; Kolonaki in particular.

Favorite activity you do to unwind in the city: I’m easygoing to begin with but I enjoy playing basketball or going to the gym. Also, I like unexpected lunch gatherings with friends. When they show up at the office and we go out to eat lunch. That’s fun.

Favorite café for people watching: I’m not really a “café person,” I’m more of a “food person.” But I do like Ombra in Psychiko.

Favorite restaurant and what do you order: Actually, my friends tell me that I should start a food blog! I like really good restaurants, then I skip the “in between” places and go directly to the tavernas, or the “street food” places like souvlaki places. I skip a large percentage of restaurants between the high and low end of the spectrum because I find that there are too many restaurants serving the same food, from the same menu, and they are all expensive. But there are some really good restaurants in Athens such as Abreuvoire. As far as tavernas go I’ll name Thomas, a small dive behind the Intercontinental hotel, and Manolis in Zografou.

Favorite spot where you go to think and be inspired: My veranda! I also find that I think a lot when I’m driving. It helps that there’s always plenty of traffic in the city to assist me in this pursuit!

(As told on June 18, 2015)