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Jeffrey Siger is one of those fortunate people who calls both the big city (New York City) and the small island (Mykonos) home. Who better than him to give us the lowdown on the best of both worlds?

Favorite area of the island/ city

Mykonos: I like unexplored places which are difficult to find these days on the island. Fokos beach–which is reached from one of the reservoirs through a dirt road–is great. If you want to feel like you’re on Santorini go to the lighthouse; you get the same view of all the surrounding islands as from the caldera…

NYC: I’ve lived in many parts of the city. Many people love Central Park and it’s a really nice place to be. I happen to like wandering around the East Village; there’s just something about it that gives a small town feeling.

Favorite activity you do to unwind

Mykonos: Free diving and, of course, writing.

NYC: Walking around Manhattan. It’s so cosmopolitan, you can almost “travel” from one country to another in the space of a few blocks.

Favorite place for people watching

Mykonos: Everywhere is great for people watching!

NYC: It depends upon the “genre” you’re looking for. Sitting in Central Park you’ll see so many different kinds of people walking by. Then you go down to the East Village on, say, a Saturday night and, boy, you’ll see all kinds! I hate to say it, but I think that all the energy in Manhattan is below 15th street. I now live uptown after having lived downtown for many years and I love them both. But for people watching there’s more variety downtown.

Favorite restaurant and what do you order

Mykonos: Answering this will cause me to lose some friends because I have so many that own great restaurants on the island. However, m’eating has great food. I’ve never eaten anything there that wasn’t great!

NYC: Actually, it’s a Greek restaurant called Perigialli.  It’s great. The New York Times gave a review saying that everybody in New York should eat there once a year; the food is so consistently good.

Favorite spot where you go to think and be inspired

Mykonos: Almost any beach where I can sit by the shore looking out at the water. I always think about how thousands of years ago the ancients used to sit on the same shore looking out at the same water. I get inspired rather quickly.

NYC: New York inspires me by the people and by the shenanigans that you see as you walk down the street. So, for me I guess my favorite place in the city is taking a walk anywhere in the cityon a sunny day. But you can also get that  by sitting on a park bench in Central Park too. There’s so much history through that area.

(As told on September 18, 2015)