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What are ten things you didn’t know about Garance Dore? Well… read on to find out!

B&W or color photos: Color, bright, sunny.

Pencil and paper or Adobe Illustrator: Adobe Photoshop with a pen tablet for drawing.

High heels or flats: Flats for ease.

Red nail polish or French manicure: Red nail polish, only for one day so it’s really bright and shiny.

Long hair or short: Mine is short !

Red or white wine: Red!

Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate, completely and desperately addicted. You just made me wonder where is my dark chocolate ?

Coffee or tea: Coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon and Rooibos (so I can sleep) in the evening.

Favorite café (anywhere in the world): In the whole wide world ? Oh god. The Flore in paris, but in the morning. Order a café and “oeufs à la coque” – put a pair of black glasses on and watch people go by.

Favorite restaurant (anywhere in the world) and what do you order? Okay – I don’t have one, but let’s narrow it down to New York – I would say Morandi, a Pasta a la Norma with a glass of Soave. I’m half Italian after all!!!

Thanks so much, Garance!

(As told on April 6, 2015)