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Everyone has a different perspective and I love getting the chance to see a place I know through their eyes.

On that note, I asked Epaminondas Farmakis to give us a mini tour of his Athens and to share some of his personal favorite spots of his home city.

Favorite area of the city: The National Gardens. Every time I visit I find something new to explore, especially when my young daughter comes with me! And it’s always different, depending on the season; it’s nice to see the change of seasons through the flora.

Favorite activity you do to unwind in the city: Walking my dog. We go all over. I like taking him both to areas where it’s secluded and we don’t run into any other people as well as to areas of the city where we do. I find both circumstances to be very relaxing.

Favorite café for people watching: The Starbucks on Partiarchou Ioacheim in Kolonaki.

Favorite restaurant and what do you order: A restaurant called Oikeio, which is also in the Kolonaki neighborhood of Athens. I order the lahanodolmades (Note: it’s a delicious traditional Greek dish of stuffed cabbage leaves usually served in an egg-lemon sauce.)

Favorite spot where you go to think and be inspired: The Acropolis Museum. I always visit the Parthenon Gallery which is on the top level (3rd floor) of the Museum because I like the contradictions it displays. In the installation of the Parthenon frieze alongside original blocks from the frieze they use colored cast copies in place of the missing Parthenon marbles. I find that combination puts a lot of things in perspective. It makes one consider the thousands of years that have passed since the building was first built. Looking out the window you can see that actual building and then inside the museum you can see the thousands of artifacts that have been preserved from it, as well as copies of those pieces that are missing. It highlights the struggle of preserving the past while building something new for today and the future generations.