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Large tote or small clutch for day:

Dimitra – A big tote with a smaller one inside in case I need to switch

Mareva – Dimitra screams at me to carry a small bag but I usually carry a large bag; a very heavy large bag!

High heels or flats:

Dimitra – Flats during the day. Actually, it depends on the day.

Mareva – Zeus + Dione sandals in the summer and sneakers in the winter

Red nail polish or French manicure:

Both – French manicure!

Movie or theater: Dimitra – Theater/ Mareva – Movie

Red or white wine: Both – Red wine

Chocolate or Vanilla: Both – Chocolate!

Coffee or teaBoth – Coffee!

Dimitra – We’re Starbucks people.

Mareva Grabowski and Dimitra Kolotoura, co-founders of Zeus + Dione

Mareva – This is why our showroom is next to it 😉

Best travel tip to beat jet lag:

Dimitra – My best tip to beat jet lag is that once I board the plane I immediately turn my watch to the destination time. I read somewhere that Margaret Thatcher did that. I’ve done it for decades and it works. It’s all about programming our brain.

Mareva – I never seem to beat jet-lag. Maybe I’ll start using Mimikas tip!

Favorite café (anywhere in the world):

Both – Starbucks!

Favorite restaurant (anywhere in the world) and what do you order?

Dimitra – This is difficult because there are so many we’re such foodies!

Mareva: Thalasaki in Pylos. I’ll order the Tiniako cheese (cheese from the Greek island of Tinos) with poppy seeds on it.

Mimika: Papadakis in Pireus is one of my favorite places. I usually order the Kritharaki with caravida (orzo-like pasta with giant shrimp) or the Caparofilo with tomato (stuffed caper leaves with tomato). Both are delicious!

(As told on September 6, 2015)