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American. Greek. Studied: Fashion Design at F.I.T. | Jewelry Design at Central Saint Martin’s. | Screenwriting at… the movie theater. Well, and through tons of work. Have written pages upon pages of as yet unproduced (but some sold!) movie scripts. I draw. I write. I edit. I love meeting and speaking with inspiring people, who are doing interesting things and then writing about them. You can read some of my features and interviews in Huff Post and Yatzer. And here. I cook everything with EVOO. I walk to clear my mind and stretch my body. Have practiced yoga for 17 years (and I’m finally studying for my RYT 200 certificate). For the exercise. My mind’s too busy to meditate. Convinced that I’d be an awesome surfer, if I lived by the beach (the active imagination comes with being a writer). Adore playing tennis – and my coach tells me that he can now finally classify what I’m doing as, “Playing tennis!” Nice to meet you.

If you love sports and wellness as much as I do, be sure to visit